About SMARTPro

“Harness the power and versatility of SMARTPro on any mobile device!

  • Real Time Data Collection and Communication – “No more waiting on critical information – SMARTPro captures information electronically in the field and generates and sends a final report instantly via email.”
  • Accountability measured – “No more issues with the time frame in which inspections are completed. SMARTPro captures time and GPS location ensuring the inspection was completed at the time and place required. SMARTPro will track corrective action required; who has been assigned the corrective action; the date to be completed and then monitors the status of the issue. Automatic notifications are sent via email to the person assigned and others (supervisory personnel) when issues are not addressed in the timelines requested.”
  • Productivity measured – “No more wasted time. SMARTPro’s ability to capture information electronically during an inspection and generate a final report instantly. This removes the need for staff to spend hours or days entering field notes into a computer when they get back in the office and writing a final report.” SMARTPro allows the field technician’s time to be freed up for other responsibilities. Decisions get made faster because data is collected and communicated faster!
  • Corrective Actions Assigned, Implemented and Verified Complete – “No more guessing or staying awake at night wondering about which issues have been corrected properly and closed and which issues are still outstanding!”
  • Data Trending Analysis – “Management will know in real- time what the issues are, why they are happening, and who is taking care of them. The answers are just a click away using SMARTPro’s data trending report feature.”

“With the power of SMARTPro on your mobile device, it’s easy to understand why  “SMARTPro  is the choice of Smart Managers!“

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